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  1. Select and click on a product line (e.g. 'Power Tillers') in the drop-down menus above. Items will appear with prices or (for some ex-factory products) an option to request express quotes by email.
  2. If the price is shown enter the number of items you need in the Quantity box and click the Add to list button. To make further selections go to the
    left menu and click on Return to Product Index.
  3. You can view what you have selected at any time by clicking on Display Shopping List in the left menu. This also allows you to remove or change and update the quantity of any item.
  4. After adding all the items you wish to order please display your Shopping List again and check your selections. If these are your correct requirements click on Create Order Form in the left menu.
  5. Complete and submit the order form online as directed. A proforma will display automatically that you can use to make payment.
  6. REMEMBER: Some items are limited offers on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in an item, be sure to order and make payment straightaway.
  7. REMEMBER: The products shown in our Showroom are just a small selection of the thousands of quality items we can supply at a discount. To receive a fast, competitive quote for any equipment, machinery or other product send an email to with the subject header 'Purchase Enquiry'.

[ NOTE: All prices shown are EX-VAT ]
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