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January 2005

The Row Over Intelligent Design
Everyday Radiation and the Brain
The strangeness of living things (Biophotonics)
Pausing for breath
Cures deadlier than the diseases?
Depression, Belief Systems and Definitions
Satanic Cults - New Magnet For Our Drifting Youngsters
When is a machine 'alive'?
Its all in the genes, or maybe not
The debate about faith-based schools misses the point
Religious fundamentalism - science joins the search for understanding
The 'Mind' exists: Long live Duality
Dogma in Crisis: To be, or not to be?
Open Letter to Dr Duncan Steel - Altering the Cosmos
Something is missing - Growth of Psychotherapy
Avoiding the unpleasant - we are all guilty
Re: "When God went Missing" (Australian article on Asian tsunami)
Re: "Church leaders must provide leadership" (Telegraph - Archbishop of Canterbury)
On Atheist Response to Tsunami Disaster
Save us from religious bigots
Re: "God is not the puppet master" (Guardian - Rev. Dr Giles Fraser)
Neither Science Nor Religion Has The Answers


Eugene D. Bell-Gam